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Mumbai katzenjammer

I despised mumbai the moment i stepped in the city. I should mention here that the station i landed on was Kalyan. The pollution in conjunction with the population had scared me. The next abode in mumbai was near Andheri, again the culture had scared me. Before I could watch and judge i was absorbed into the rush of life that is there. I found myself criticizing the people who dangled from the local trains and jump on one myself hanging to just one pole for reaching office in time. I hated the unhygienic way the ‘pavs‘ were carried around, but grabbed bites of vada pav unthinkingly, the way the panipuri wala with his pan stained hands dipped the puri in the pani had irked me but oft did i stop by him myself to have a plate! Mumbai gave me no time to think but just got me addicted. Today i walked a few lanes in search of those tastes, and phew long did it take me to find a vada pav in Bangalore. They gave me the vada wrapped in the bakery prepared clean fat bread! but my heart wouldn’t yield to anything lesser to those pavs carried in bicycles through the dusty polluted roads of Mumbai. I have volvos here for local transport..but i yearn to watch the yellow colored hold-ons (what do u call them??) in the local trains dance to their on rhythm. There are plenty of gardens still I wish I could go back to that dusty Andheri sports complex for my morning walk.
How do i describe the feeling? Not that ive left too much of friends in the city..the city doesn’t give space for friendship beyond a level. There friends are like butterflies extremely pleasing when they are around, long forgotten when gone! Not that I have blasted my life out there! The city got me addicted and I still cant believe I left it behind. I still cant believe that walking past the infinity mall and lokhandwala market is so distant a dream now! I can’t believe I’m thinking so much of a place which just dint give me the time & space to think of anything in life!

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  1. hey ther…i got a tingling sensation down my spine reading this one…am from mumbai for 22 long yrs…and not to mention am just love this city…not sure y..even i crib at times..travelling by the trains, nerve wrecking traffics..but wen i left it for a month for my training in delhi i realised wat this city means to me…i just couldnt do wthout mumbai….dont wanna leave it for anything in this world…literally anything..
    as for who i am an sangeeta…a student doing my masters in biotech from ruia(hope u knw the colleges in mumbai)and i love reading blogs.its a hobby for me…havent started writing my blogs yet…even i have the same problem…starting trouble :-)take care

    Comment by sangeeta | October 22, 2008 | Reply

  2. hi sangeeta welcome to blogworld..its a coincidence i just gt another blogfriend named sangeeta u can see her link in my blogroll. I would suggest you to start blogging as for the starting give you the “kickstart” tag if u want ;P

    Comment by verbivorehere | October 23, 2008 | Reply

  3. they say that salt isn’t added to the dough. whilst making pav, the sweat of the pavwallas compensates for salt. loose motion puri commonly referred to as pani puri is good for you. one might end up in hospital at first. but in this day and age of medical insurance, what’s the big deal? there are advantages. the loose motion giving fungi floating in loose motion puris makes you immune to anything hence. “the city doesn’t give space for friendship beyond a level”, well I think kids grow up together, neighbors, during school, college etc. and once they’re grown all big and ready for work, they’ve got a large enough collection of friends that any more would be a burden. for more, refer to,

    Jai Maharashtra

    Comment by shaaakspsyco | October 23, 2008 | Reply

  4. well well i knw certain food are not hygiene..but its just the “then mittayi” if u can as ur dad..which was there in kerala long back!
    and as for friendships – i was talking about the “level” the quality than quantity. My friend whos was with me during graduation in kerala is an inevitable part of my mumbai u just move on! (just my opinion!)

    Comment by verbivorehere | October 23, 2008 | Reply

  5. hi ….well vl surely let u knw if i need a kickstart…i take my own time to do things..thanks anyways.

    Comment by sangeeta | October 23, 2008 | Reply

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