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I dont know why..vimmuuu has been tagging with all ‘quirky’ tags :). Well anyways i was left without words and topic aftr the happenings around and I guess It will do good to come out!


film-roll1. I can enjoy a movie only when im with my dearmost ones…the best ones who know me inside out and vice groups, formality,official!

2. The reason for the above quirk is coz..once the movie starts i just immerse in it and apparently the person sitting next to me would be having a 3d effect as he/she has to put up with me beating/clasping/sobs/ tantrums as the movie takes its comical/fighting or sad scenes.


3. Somehow the actors/actresses in the movie makes me decide whether I should go watch it in a theatre or not! No matter how bad it is..if it has Hrithik Roshan in me in ;P saw Dhoom2..FIVE times ;P and that too 3 in theatre! But that was before marriage (sigh!!) but even now I’ll manage to stamp my feet and reach the theatre atleast once if Hrithik is there. Same goes for Kajol. PS: My last bday gift from my friends was ‘Dhoom2 VCD’ they had couriered it along wit chocolates to Bangalore from Mumbai ;P so u can guess..


4. PopCorn and Cola is a must!! No matter what Ive gorged on before steppin in the theatre and no matter how thin my wallet and how fat my waistline is. ..The word interval (or any synonyms) on the screen will take my heart automatically to the foodbar.

5. Most of the south indian movies have a lot of stunts in generally i dont prefer to go in the theatre and watch them and if at all there is one i close my eyes or divert my attention till the whole commotion gets over!!

6.I too wait till the end of the credit roll jst to see if any of our friends in the post production circle are listed there. And mainly to avoid the crowd that swarm out as though someone from the screen is gonna eat them alive if they dont escape! But i perfectly understand their predicament if it is a movie like drona or honeymoon travels!!

I stop here..coz rarely do i go to movies and whenever I go I guess so much of ‘quirkiness’ is enough to drive people wit me mad! Now who else is weird at movies ? I would like to hear about it from Nautankey, Kanagu, Sahaja, Vishesh, Karthik

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