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The Binding Tie – The changing perspectives

I remember my childhood days (as everyone i promisse it isnt too far
away ;P) I used to wait till my Dad comes back from his job. An anxious
wait it was to tell him that Geeta pulled my hair and Anu won the
award for painting. Priyanka will be leaving the school and what not. I do
not know if he paid attention but I sure knew I tried my best. If i had no
idea of how much my influence was I was given a small intro by the
employees in his company –

“Here is the one who painted our GM’s nails”.                                                                                                                                                                                                     (mind you bright red was the ‘in’ thing or rather the only thing then!)
I remember him saying no, but i wouldnt budge. Finally he gave in and then
atleast to my Dad’s knowledge ‘removers’ didn’t exist. It wasnt as easy as
the pony tails i tried in his hair ;P. But there he gave me the gift of
acceptance that no matter how silly I am, I’m a vital part of his life.
An unquestionable dependence from my part and an undeniable acceptance
from his. Unquestionable coz no matter how angry I am with him, If i want                                                                                                   dad
a chocolate I have to go ask him! And yeah you guessed it right! I
wouldnt have attitude block my way there! and undeniable coz no matter
how much I stamp my feet and cry aloud for the Barbie doll in the middle of
the shop, he cannot disown me (better he never wanted to beat me!!)

Ive read in books and psychology stuffs that girls desire a husband who is
like their father. Which dint make any sense to me in the beginning. Eby is
as different from Dad as he could get. But i realize both bonds share
some basic values.

As I look at the alarming statistics of Divorce around I realize it is because of
the lack of the similarities in the Bond. As the best of my buddies have trouble                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       with their marriage I realize they werent lucky to have as much of their Dad’s time.  

When people out there are pointing at the various shift timings                                                                       of  BPO/IT sector, stress levels at jobs, General view & general acceptance
of divorces. They lose out the main points – Relationship with parents,
dependency and acceptance.

When I have fights wit my hubby as to why hes so late, why I dint call..I
guess I have no worries. But when i take out a new ‘modern age me’, when
i blurt out, “I can do it on my own” is when i realize I get the scare
and scamper around to restore peace.

No I’m not against woman empowerment and other developments. Just
mused on the topic. Just pondered how ‘right dependency’ and ‘true
acceptance’ can reinforce bonds despite the social changes.

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