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Flowers of Different Hues

Today Im “congratulated” for having “successfully completed” two years of “marriage”.

The irony that lies within makes me laugh, but anyways let me dress up and celebrate it as my birthday as again ‘birthday’ probably is a day – your parents got/met you!


And I guess I have more reasons to celebrate this day coz somehow I’ve proven myself and the world that the co-existence of species from two entirely different planets is actually possible and errr yeah ..pleasingly possible!


2 humans as opposite in their nature as God ever would have created! I mean if there isn’t a better antonym than south pole..for north pole, there couldn’t be a better one for me as Eby ;P.


 If I love pastas or subway – he feels they are bland to the extent that he would have considered it’s goat feed if not brought in the special plate. Every time he eats meat and I get a chance to watch it closely I watch him in such a manner that cannibals aren’t far ;P

If I would hop into any vehicle to anywhere just for the kiss of the breeze, he is tougher than an elephant to move from hither to thither. If I’m a spontaneous spender, he’s a stickler for savings. If I were obsessed with books, he wouldn’t even touch one at gunpoint! If he can spend a whole night exploring a mobile, I’m as allergic to it as school children are with math books;  (err cited my example here!)


The list is endless and equally endless goes the fights we have! I had no clue you could actually fight for reasons like forgetting your ‘bindi’!! and he had no clues that CID’s are less qualified to me when it comes to interrogating the time he reaches home! (For further reference on this topic, you can contact him & I’m sure he’d have an exhaustive the extent that he’d prompt guys with ‘single’ status to stay where you are until death do part u & your peace ;P)


But I have to admit that in 2 years these differences have become an inevitable part of my life. It is with much awe that I see that I’ve been absorbed into a different globe, with the freedom to retain my ‘alien-isms’. It is with great gratitude that I observe the same shoulders that I fight with is there to lean upon to cry over (mostly over the very same fights ;P). It is with a little apology that I ponder over any moments I have spoilt & for the moments that remain to be spoilt..(as unfortunately I’m born this way & fortunately I’ve been accepted as I am. ;P)



As different hues in a bouquet add beauty & life to it, we existed with our differences complimenting each other. There are seasons there that come and go and for which we need to make allowances for. But Hopes remain that spring consistently knocks our door.


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Art of Friendship.

For me friends were just another set of people who lived elsewhere with different parents – whom I could talk to during class and play with  during breaks. They just are there when i see them and I dont care where when I dont. 

When i started caring, I found myself entangled in emotional webs any time i step               friendship        
into a new place. There were “friends”, “only mine” friends or
“mine too” friends.

“Friends” were all those who smothered you with compliments.

 “Only mine” friends were those to whom you talked too much and just for
that sin you expected the penance of them talking only to you.

and “mine too” version were those great looking,
exceptionally talented, college famous personalities
who happened to have a casual chat to which you’d cling on
for your life and say “guess what we spoke about the other day…yeah we r
tht close you know!!”

Im inviting trouble when I say Noor is my ‘best’ friend. She doesnt even know the existence of this space and other
close friends consistently visit here 🙂 So let me put it this way..If there is a way of friendship she was my ‘Noor’.

The streak of light that taught me what that bond was all about.

I never realized what friendship was until the day i saw tears in her eyes for a situation that I was going through. Before I could cry or complain about it..i saw her eyes moisten and wondered whatever in the world that would be for. I never realized the meaning of the bond till I found myself screaming & crying out of joy for a beautiful victory of hers. She made me realize that being friends just doesnt mean hanging out together but going out of your way to think for the other.

We had seperate ‘gangs’ I guess..she being the ‘sort of celebrity’ and me being a ‘nerd’. But she somehow would have thought and sorted out almost all the problems I have managed to create.  She, more than me knew I had talents in one arena and areas of improvement in another. And suddenly friendship for me never just stopped in having a blast together but being there for each other.

Yet we did have a blast together in our own way. We would drool over people we thought were handsome and play pranks on others who thought themselves great. Most of the teachers mistook us to be great listeners & attentive/obedient students when actually we would have escaped through the back door when we saw some lecturers come through the front.  No we wouldnt let that tarnish our image, we would walk upto our respective favourite professors and ask unnecessary doubts. If it’s her favourite, she’d ask the questions and I just need to tag along and vice versa. And yeah almost all the pranks that college life normally bless our lives with!

I guess Ive always tried to put up my best ‘me’ in front of others till then. Kind of wearing the best dress when you go out. With her, I have actually voiced out the worst ‘self-criticism’ that ever run across my brains. I never resented being a blabber mouth or a boring mute. It really dint seem to matter. Coz then there was one person in the wole wide world who accepted me with all the flaws I could ever imagine.

It has been 9 years now. We have seen each other grow, take different fields, stride different paths. Have seen different people cross our lives and been there for each other through thick and thin. And today things that I wouldnt dare to look into a mirror and talk out, I guess Id call her up and speak.

I had thought of writing an ode to her on the eve of her birthday. You all know that procrastination is just another word for a libran like now. Nyways “better late than never” as someone (probably like me) put it. So let this be now when I miss those innoce days of friendship in the daily grind, this day when people step out as swiftly as they step in with more wounds than warmth. This age when friendship has no space or time.


If I do have friends today or rather people who value my friendship, I guess I owe it to her. Coz she was a walking/talking book on the “Art of Friendship” for me

 For her I dedicate this line which has stayed with me long after I finished the book..with a seemingly equal passion with which the author must have written it…

For you, a thousand times over….


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