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Love outlives troubles ;P

Laziness has its limits!!! How stupid of me not to have posted about my newfound love …the day..the minute we met.. Well..newfound would not be true..not because I delayed so much but coz I’ve fallen head over heels in love right at the age of 11! Yessss!!!


I was in class 6th when my “cricket mate” introduced me to the hottest one on earth! ;P. I sure loved taking kitchen utensils and cook rice with sand & curry with watery mud.but apparently Sumesh(5th std) & Anand (3rd std) couldn’t stand my silly games! Since they were the only souls around I gave in to their cricket, shuttle, battleships..and finally their pal..with whom I fell in love right away.

A swish with the pedals & it would take me places with the breeze lapping on my face. It was a pleasure incomparable with anything. It was then that I decided me & a two-wheeler ride were just born for each other! Now when you are in love, by experience most of you would know you will land up in a planet of troubles! WE “me & two-wheeler” were no exception!

Till high school it was just imploring/cajoling stage. The next stage of stealing glances over the fence & ‘other activities’ started from high school. In a village where girls were not expected to step out of the house without ‘body guards’ I paraded in my friends bicycle to & fro. Though I was happy to get away without falls & bruises, my brother saw to it that there were marks to remind me to stay far from such parades in future!!

There was a long gap & the next rendezvous was a cherished one as we both had upgraded. Me from a school girl to a college lady ;P (11th std) & my passion from a cycle to a motorcycle. I still don’t remember whose motorcycle that was, but I just waltzed with it throughout my huge college campus. For a change we parted without much trouble.

Then the ‘8’ that I had to take for a legal union. Trust me that was the stupidest 2-wheeler I ever set my eyes on, but since it was a solemn occasion I just stuck to my duty & got the papers in hand.

After that, we could only meet after I landed in a job. I joined as the lecturer in a college & borrowed my ‘students 2-wheeler’ when they were away on vacation. I couldn’t thank God enough for the fact that they were away, for I did have a rocking time with that dude. So rocking that I broke my leg at the right time so that I could step into the aisle of my real life wedding with a bandage on my leg!!

“It is love, not reason, that is stronger than death.” – Someone said & I believe J So after all those futile attempt at sneaking time for each other. I decided, it is time I own my passion 😛

We may have tussles & I may get hurt again. But it is you that I longed all my life & it is you I have for myself now… Dear (Honda) Dio – Did I say I’m in cloud nine the day I got you?

PS: I purposefully dint add the snaps 😀 will post it later ;P

PPS: Thanks to Eby, for buying it for me ;P (Now you know whom you should hold responsible incase of accidents)

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In a Race..In a Daze

I’ve waived away my life in the hope of living…..

In the hustle of life, I guess this is what exactly happened or happening to me!.

I’m busy at office, trying to hone my skills to cling on to a thin rope that is being cut from one end in the name of recession. I’m busy perfecting my body to stop people perceiving me as a watermelon, elephant, puffs and what not! I’m busy perfecting the role of a part-time homemaker lest I’m not chucked out of the role following incompetent performance!

Results?? Well being busy in office obviously means being sulky with your colleagues & boss, the latter being a comparatively more dangerous target.

Busy working out with a constant glance at the weighing scales, when nothing seems to work ends up in just hogging.! Too busy in the household chores means cribbing about/to your partner to a phenomenal degree! In short, very simply put, I managed to run through life at an amazing speed and stumbled & spoiled all that was on my way. I had no time for faraway bonds and messed up with all those in the vicinity!

What I wanted was just a little time to breathe. To take in the trivial joys of life. To be able to jump at the sight of the full moon in all its glory, to stand and watch the “aero planes”, to run peek at the ‘ice-cream’ vendor with eager hopes of getting one. Endless is the list.

Today everything is easy & readily available and hence not as valuable as it once used to be. Today getting a new dress is not an occasional festival matter, so I no longer have reasons to wait for that ‘special day’. Today, delicacies are not restricted to birthdays, so somehow it is just another day to remind me, I’m growing old.

There were days when I would listen to a song and muse over the lyrics a hundred time. Now lyrics are out in the open for you! You better shy away from them for their ostentatious meaning. There were days when I used to read out poetry from a printed-paper back book and admire the beauty


I was once acquainted with the word – emotional quotient – by my dove. I guess that is what is needed for my perturbed mind. To delve deep into my own realm of thoughts, my emotions and assess how well I handle them. To be able to sit, stare and smile at the trivial beauties of life. To calm down, for the race would just land me in a daze!

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