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Alms using ‘Arms’

I remember a sense of pride hitting my brother when he was just 16, he wouldn’t want to accept he “depends” or “relies” on dad or mom. He was quick to find a job, as soon as he completed his studies, having funded his post graduation fees from sources unknown to the family! I remember Eby telling a 100 time he doesn’t want to “depend” on his Dad, trying and supporting him back instead. It was an unsaid principal instilled in ‘guys’ I don’t know how or not to extend your hand for anything but then exert them in hardwork and earn it yourself.

Agreed we are in an age wherein anyone and everyone speaks of  just loss and ‘good ole days’. But how much can people lose?. The other day I saw a policeman taking 5rs from a telewala!! Yesterday I saw a cop coming in and collecting money from a chinese restaurant. I thought parents brought up their brave boys to work as cops! I thought of all jobs it was ‘police’ who were the most ‘respected’. Common they were saluted ..for what???


I sit here and toil away 10 hours a day only to get back home and go about cooking and doing the vessels. There has been n number of lazy mornings when I wish I could at least take a leave..and actually when I was without job..more than anything else I found guilty as hell to ask money from Eby for my expenses!!! I know it’s a lill too much to comprehend but it is sheer fact. Not that I dint ask or never depended, but I really wished I dint have to. Im surprised how well groomed people donning a respectable job in the society could actually walk from shop to shop and collect money. Is it any different than begging??

And we have in our society a whole gang who claim themselves as ‘Transgenders’. To me they look like nothing but men wearing a woman’s cloth. “”edited after a few comments””It is not that I’m not sympathetic to transgenders, Im trying to point out at those who exploit ruthlessly this sympathy. I hope we are all not blind to the whole lot of  ‘healthy’ men clad in sarees extracting money from people! How crippled are you when compared to me in earning for your own food.??? They “function” in a similar way? They have money for that neat and beautiful dress, flowers, bangles and makeup! They come barge into your store and demand for “alms”..nothing less than 10Rs!!! We asked a retailer.why does he even bother to give them? He answered that if he objected theyd come in groups and attack. If he calls the police, hed have to give them atleast he preferred the transgenders to the cops!! Better part with 500 in 50 days than in 1 single day! And coming back to ‘real transgenders’, I have seen a quite a few of them employed quite normally in Mumbai. Like all of us regular workers, they get into the ladies compartment, share their work stories to friendly fellow travellers and head back home in the evening. In short Im sure that 8 out of 10 that I see on the streets today are just lazy men who are out for easy money!

I believe the custom of offering alms to transgenders started when they were not cast away from the society and not allowed to work for their living. They were some who believed their “”blessings”” are good!! Don’t tell me any of these hold true in the current society, then why on earth are we scared of them???

Now we have “saints”. Mostly Hindus I believe.. These so called “saints”, grow large beards, wear ‘religious attire’ and come with a God, goddess portraits asking for alms! The other day when I dint care to offer, I heard him curse me in a language only he knows! Please.. today when technology and reason rules or even if they don’t exist,..don’t tell me my God is going to be annoyed with me coz I saw his snap and refused to give him “alms”!!!

If these ‘healthy’ people play a part in building up a lousy society, we who toil and earn also play a part in “breeding” such parasites! If you are keen in helping an individual, try and visit an orphanage, check the credibility of the organization and provide them with a hearty meal or old clothes.. Throwing off a coin to get rid of nuisance is easy..but remember you are playing a part in throwing the Nation to the underdogs.


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  1. An awesome topic and very well written.

    There is no difference between any of those people you had mentioned. and we encourage them only on account of fear. If a tea wala refuses to pay the police, he would be harassed and would be taken for a ride later on. If a transgender isnt given money, you are humiliated in different ways. (Once when I was travelling in a train, one of these came and asked me. I refused and they started touching me in the wrong areas. Out of fear and embarassment, I had to give them money and I still do) and then, the saints, you know, they curse and our religiously sentiment people fall for it.

    Coming back to the transgenders, its the society again that has made them to go to this extent. They dont have any sort of reservations, no one employs them that easily (atleast the poor lot) and they have always been neglected.

    Comment by vimmuuu | June 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. Got to agree with vimmuuu, would you employ a transgender as a housemaid/servant? When no one is ready to give them a proper job and a chance to live honestly what can we expect from them?.

    The cops,to be frank their salary is at the max 8k and the kinda job they do-security when netas come,polish the higher ups shoes, face the wrath of anti-socials who have political connections.

    I am not supporting their actions but when we think so deeply wud be great if we can see the other side of the coin.Would we know the illegal things the chinese restaurateur may have been upto[underpaying workers-knew of one chain chinese restuarant in chennai which gets young men/women from the economically deprived north eastern states for a pay of Rs.1000/month n they give sad accommodation to those workers too – OR an encroachment on pavement n wat not].. I guess it kinda balances out 😀

    Comment by nautankey | June 8, 2009 | Reply

  3. Fantastic post!

    I agree with Vimmuuu too.. In case of transgenders – there is little we can do.. they are discriminated against, with no means of earning a living and even when we do give them money – it is mainly when we have no option…

    Begging in the name of everything has become the norm otherwise.. Last time when I was in India, somebody came to our saying they were earthquake victims from Maharashtra – when was the last earthquake? I mean, it has become a practice.. My dad said he is happy to give her money – if she could do some work – and that able bodied young woman refused and walked off.. She preferred easy money!

    Comment by Smitha | June 8, 2009 | Reply

  4. Umm.. many thoughts are flitting through… here.. esp about transgender.. you think its easy for them to get job.. and wouldnt they wanna live respectably? instead of begging? Frankly.. imagine.. not knowing what to put when u r filling a form.. when asked about gender.. imagine asking for help and being ridiculed.. imagine treated like a untouchable only coz you are a wee bit different.. when its (still) hard for some females to be accepted in the male bastion.. is it in anyway conducive for transgender? I let you decide..

    I do agree about police.. they shouldnt be asking for money.. corruption.. works in many ways..

    Beggging is sick! but it is not easy.. you have to barter your self respect to beg! That is a huge price to pay isnt it?

    Comment by Winnie the Poohi | June 9, 2009 | Reply

  5. @Vimmuuu, Nautankey, Smitha & Winnie.. – I do agree and understand your sympathy towards transgenders. But are we all blind to the fact thats hapening out there?DO you really believe all those whom come and ask money in that way are ‘transgenders’…most of me are just men in sarees!!! that was what i was wanting to point out. how can healthy men spill all their shame, clad in sarees..extend hands for money?!! that too ‘demand’! and for most of ur information. I have seen many transgenders work and live normal life in mumbai. They sit in ladies compartment and they are quite friendly, normal and ladylike to the rest of the passengers. I have seen them! But yeah u r true..for a true transgender life is tough, that doesnt mean ..healthy men should exploit us!

    @ Nautankey- I cant and never will accept th excuse of a cop going and begging from each door just becoz his salary is low. He can fight for it in other ways, or worse live with what he gets, not the tele wala. The restaurant if they are employing for such cheap amt, it is upto the workers to demand more or try greener one is anymore slaving ‘grown ups’ here. Little boys i can understand and we have a sleeping govt rule for it, but teh fact that we can close our eyes to one spiteful corruption thinking there is another one in another side..would do no good. One day we shall also be hit and can we justify that its coz once we closed our eyes?

    Comment by verbivorehere | June 10, 2009 | Reply

  6. Fine so what would happen if the police constable takes action on the erring restaurant guy?.The restaurant guy will pay a bigger amount to someone higher up in the hierarchy and come out.I am just saying it’s a vicious circle and what we see -the cop getting money is only the outer peel of the issue and not the root of it.

    And yeah a guy comes from mizoram to blore or chennai,does not know hindi/english and has never been out of his town,has to send a money home for family’s survival,how easy is it for him to get a greener pasture.Adult slavery exists infact more blatantly than child slavery.One huge shop[saravana stores] in chennai uses illiterate guys from southern tamilnadu,they live in a shed which even cattle wont stand in.N number of examples can be given for grown-up slavery…we just cant do anything bcoz they don’t complain.

    Seriously,how do we find out if a person is a genuine transgender or a man dressed as a transgender?It is pretty tough to pose as a transgender I mean wearing a saree alone does not make a man a transgender right?.

    Comment by nautankey | June 12, 2009 | Reply

  7. Hey there, very thoughtful post. U know even I keep on wondering y don’t they earn their own money in a better way than just extracting money on each traffic signals? I remember a function at my in laws place when a whole group of them barged into that function and extracted whole lot of money. My MIL was offering them a good amount of money plus clothes etc but they were asking for gold & all. God u shud have seen the way they were behaving, it was nothing less than an open loot! They left only after extracting hefty moeny plus expensive gifts from my relatives…now can I hold symptahy with them after seeing thier such forceful behavior?

    Comment by Kanupriya | June 12, 2009 | Reply

  8. hey Nauts!! ur in an arguement with a libran!! This will go endless..true its hard for me to digest th circle..and true my arguement tht each shud be correct will sound stupid (though at heart i still believe it). my point here is how demeaning can things get??? Like Doctors, engineers, ‘police’ was one of the highly respected positions aspired by many!! and its disheartening to see them walk around for 5/10 rs!!! I dont respect the uniform the way i respected before. If they dnt get respect..whatever does that position is worth of??? Even the telewala’s comment was if we dont give them 10rs,..theyll order quite a lot of plates and wont pay!! ‘nuisance..wht to do! Even there fear/respect is gone..the attitude towards a police and a beggar doesnt differ now! Transgenders..seriously a whole chunk of them are just ‘actors’ out there!! You just need ‘open eyes’ difficult as a ‘theatre specialist’ do u thnk dressing up like a woman is???? do i need to xplain? well slavery i agree..i agree the existence and truth of it, but its hard to accept it..and i do feel atleast that much of spirit should be there in the better blessed to be able to do something someday! 😛 wed probably fix a daya & time for a one-on-one arguement with ths..guess it will never end! and just read kanupriyas comment here 🙂 forceful extraction is what boils my blood..i bloody have toiled and sweated for my can any just come and demand it with one swaying of their hand?

    Comment by verbivorehere | June 12, 2009 | Reply

  9. kanupriya – exactly!!! they just frighten us and take away the money!! What for??

    Comment by verbivorehere | June 12, 2009 | Reply

  10. Most of all, I feel sorry for the little kids, who beg at the traffic signal, at the behest of their parents. They don’t even know what they’re doing. For them, begging is just a way of life.
    Well written and debated, Verby!

    Comment by Thought Bubbles | June 13, 2009 | Reply

  11. I accept the point abt police and beggars being treated the same..infact there was a well-known comedy scene in a tamil movie based on this,every place the cop goes to collect hafta the beggar comes behind.But then again how many join police force for the respect/pride factor?Those who have that find better professions and the ones who make it bribe their way in selection tests. So it all starts from there. And come on neither do doctors,engineers do anything for respect 😀 everything is about money.I am not justifying the cops’ actions but my point is when the whole system is rotten inside out why pick the cops alone? bcoz they r doing it in public while others do it behind closed doors?

    We did have a character dressing like woman once and let me say it is tough to put a genuine act.I don’t want to get into details,still the transgenders I have seen I don’t think they cud be cross dressers.And yes forceful money is wrong,like the way they took from vimmuuu,in such cases we shud treat them as we wud do normal thugs.

    Arguments…hmmm…I love them especially with librans,my sis is a libran too 😀 😀

    Comment by nautankey | June 15, 2009 | Reply

  12. Hi, Verby! It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated my blog and had the time to peruse my blogroll. So I did miss reading your entertaining posts until today.

    One of the reasons why I enjoy your articles is that I get to know interesting things in your country that perhaps isn’t mentioned in common sites. Well-groomed transgenders begging and even gang-begging (if there is such a term)! And they get away with it because they are cheaper extortionists than the police! It’s hilarious from this side of the world but I’m definitely sure it is downright serious and outrageous at your own.

    We have very corrupt cops who run syndicates of beggars in the Philippines; but this is the first time I hear this style of begging –gay or gay pretenders practically threatening one out of their cash! Unbelievable!

    Comment by Johanna | June 17, 2009 | Reply

  13. Uber awefreakinsome! Please get it published in a daily. 🙂

    Peace. Have a nice day.

    Guess who’s back? 😀 No cookie for the correct guess. 😛 So… How have you been, ma’am? 🙂

    Comment by Kartz | June 22, 2009 | Reply

  14. 🙂 🙂 wen is ur nect post…

    Comment by sangeeta | July 11, 2009 | Reply

  15. Good one; well written! I still remember giving a pack of bread to two beggar kids on a train from Mumbai to trivandrum once. They refused to take it till I scolded them. Then as a last resort, threw it back at me, called me a miser for not giving money n rushed out on to the platform! Bah!

    Comment by scorpria | July 14, 2009 | Reply

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