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Pregnany & men :P

Lack of connection at home, uneasiness, no right frame of mind etc can be summed up as the reason for my brief vanishing act! Well its been days I decided its time I get back! Life sure had so many ‘blogworthy’ things and I just couldn’t keep it to myself 😛

In a couple of days I’ll enter my 5th month of pregnancy. The first and second went almost unnoticed..from the 3rd till now I should say things are worth mentioning. For all those ‘first things’ in life you have those nervous jumps and this was no exception. We both being ‘newcomers’ to the field sat and researched what “all” should be eaten, done during pregnancy. A kind advice to all those ‘to be’ moms never perform this act..especially infront of others..even more importantly infront of your husbands!

The day it was confirmed, we switched on the PC, internet and went through all articles possible on pregnancy! And mind you, that was probably for one single week that I have ever read those! All nutritional facts were digested more by Eby! He learnt that an egg a day is advisable..but apparently im a veggie!, milk is great, but I hate the very smell!~! He read leafy vegetables are essential and those who think the taste sucks you know what I intend to say!! All in all research was a very bad thing to do! Unfortunately for me no one advocated chocolates or subway :P.

2nd month we called up everyone and said – Hey Im fine..morning sickness??? No idea buddy!..cravings?? there was never a day I hadn’t craved for chocolates in life and this is no big deal, only difference being that the research made me boycott them (psssstt atleast partially). Well, 3rd month greeted me a tad different. I started throwing up with the smell of the things being cooked in the kitchen. And me being the fooddie I am, I just don’t give up. The fact is, my hubby just dint take account of how much I ate, but rather much I puked 😛

Operation phase no:1 Eby was analyzing the situation. A born critic that he is, he analyzed the worst! Not just that I’m having anything nutritious, but also puking whatever junk I stuff in! Action Plan : So first phase witnessed a lot of bombarding me with the possible ‘disaster’ I’m causing to the kid by “puking”!! This is where I entirely miss to understand “Guys” They “”seem”” so logical, rationale in everything else but just don’t understand that “puking” is an involuntary action???? Result : The second scan with everything perfect, somewhat soothed the situation.

Operation phase no:2 – Cause and effect analysis! This indeed was the most horrid & hilarious phase of my pregnancy! Horrid coz I was the one to go through, hilarious coz.. Eby’s analysis went one step further. Everytime I puke he would stand and insist that I explain what exactly is the ‘feeling’ that makes me throw up.Till then I really was proud that my hubby never threw up no matter how much he drank..but then I started regretting! Action Plan – This was the most enjoyable! He took up cooking as I finalized that it is my spending time in the kitchen behind all problems! Well his entry into kitchen is a story in itself to narrate! The first attempt was to make maximum use of the few minutes he spends in the kitchen and he came up with most nutritious ‘plantain stem’!!! with…. ‘tamarind’. J I should say his later attempts were adorable and I have fallen all over in love with him again for even attempting. But the first few did crack me up!!!

Operational Phase no 3 – Cure stage! He discovered that puking is a purely psychological. Do I thank the Gods that he aint no real doctor!?!. He believes that instead of rushing to the wash basin to puke I should rush to the kitchen, have some water, some candy and start diverting my attention..and I wouldn’t puke! Is that true?? Well go try for yourself I really don’t want to explain the enjoyment I had in throwing up when he was not around 😛

Well there are more..the way you deal an arguement..(btw ladies..make max use of the 9 months..the only phase where you will okayed for everything) the way ur silly mistakes are forgive (gritting one’s teeth) and..errr Lemme stop here, Vimmuuus cartoon confessing his blog addiction..has sent eby sleepless 😉 he believes I’m close 🙂

For all those who thought, pregnancy was only for the woman to go through 😉 well suppressing the small feminist in me let me admit, the man does have an equal 9 month process. He may not get a bulge in the tummy, a burp when least wanted, a back that aches, incessant puking and completely irrelevant cravings~But he does have his own apprehensions which he never thought he would have, whilst teasing his colleagues about their fatherhood. Ive seen him rolling with laughter for the tension his friend went through when that guys wife got pregnant, now too at times he does roll 😛 in tension not knowing what is happening inside my tummy 😛 It is troublesome, painful, hilarious..for man & woman alike..but the fact that it is Beautiful stands true for both too!

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