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Right hand inconsolable H..left hand his poop soiled clothes..Background score..nice shrill shreak contributed by H, inbtwn the ringtone I had set for my mobile

 Dad Calling… somehow i manage to throw the soiled clothes in the tub, attend the phone with one hand and hastily tell Dad..”Im extremely busy, Ill call you later. ” Throwing the phone onto the bed, smehow struggle to lull him to sleep when my not so sweet ringtone shreaks of again, H thinks he has to give his due contribution and shreaks even higher..Now I leap over and grab the phone not without regretting the fact tht i threw it a lill too far the first time!

Dad calling…. – “yes dad???”

Dad : U said ull call later..just wanted to know when!!!!!

I : DAD!!! I told u, Ill call later!

Dad: Yes..but uve told so earlier..and u dint call!

I: OK..ill call u 8pm sharp! Fine??

Dad: ok……

H: Ngaaaa Ngaa

Mom: Is he feeding properly?

I: Yes moom he is.

Mom: You sure right?

I: Mom in this book it says if a kid urnates 6-8 times a day, hes getting sufficient feed.

Mom : yeah bt still..i hope you are sure..tht the baby is getting milk

I: Mom the doc told he has gained 200 gms in a week, which is ideal..which means his feeds are normal..

Mom: make sure you wake him up in the night and feed him ok?? do u do that??

I: Ok ..ill Do that!!

H: Ngaaaa Ngaaa

I: U wet urself??

H: Ngaaa Ngaa..

I: U hungry????

H: Ngaa Ngaaa

I: ?????

H: Ngaaa Ngaa *** thought bubbles*** “Cant you just lift me, for no reason at all?? !!”

I: ??!!!

Eby: Hw was the day??

I: ***GR8!!!****

Eby: I tried calling u..u dint pick the call!!!

I: @#$@$%#@#!@@!@!

Eby: Is he feeding properly???


Eby: Wats up boy??

H: Ngaaaa Ngaa “Cant u just lift me?? ive gt to pay u fr that???””

Eby: u hungry?

H: @$%$%^$#@!^

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‘God’s chosen’ gift to us!

I hope a couple of you might have read about ma baby due on Xmas day! …

God did try me hard..and I must say for all the prayers..he did in the end make me feel that ma baby is the reward.

Dec 25th is the due date. October 5th I had my regular doctor check up and was told everything is fine. October 19th I just felt there are some rashes. It wasnt all that essential for a check up. Next check was due only on November 5th. But then my colleague insisted that I matter how silly I felt. I chuckled to myself! My doc would think its insane from my part to for a few rashes ..which later were not that visible at all! However I went, reached the hospital exactly 10 mins later than what I had told the Doc, to find out she has stepped out. ((Im not exaggerating ..even a minute when I mentioned 10)) Anyways we postponed the appointment to the next day. The next day the minute she saw me sitting in the chair she felt there was some uneasiness..though I dint realize that aftr all these weeks and days!

She sent us to a scanning center she trusted the most..and insisted that I scan there and nowhere else. The radiologist there broke the news to me. Plain and straight into my face. “Madam there is a problem with your baby, fluid is filled inside the body.” and to my question as to whether the heart beat is there she answered ” Thats there but we cant tell, how the baby will be when it comes out!” and as i was stepping out from her room to wait for the detailed report she even offered – “If you wanna cry you can sit and cry in the adjacent room! From there with the report we went to our gynaec who immediately washed hands referring me to the medical college hospital here. The first gynaec we met there, ver warmly again gave it to me on my face. Dear it is a case of hydrophetalis (pardon me the spelling..i just dont wanna cross check the old records to be sounded like this). The baby is not going to survive even if it comes out..Why would you want a scar in your uterus unnecessarily. Here this is a catholic hospital we would not do abortion, you will have to get it done outside!

If there are words like the world came crashing down..I felt those that day, when a VERY reputed senior Doc in a medical college hospital told me that. I had only one request to Eby..whatever it is I want the baby. Now that I had 7 months of it growing inside..kicking and moving I wanted it outside no matter what. In the meantime there were friends who had sudied medicine and informed us that this could cause abnormalities in children!..The first person I owe it to is ofcourse Eby..who after hearing all this was damn disturbed but still kept his cool encouraging me that If at all I cried or felt low it would affect the kid more and hence I shouldnt strain maself..

Then there was a 2nd opinion scan done at Srinivasa clinic in Banshankari and even there ..the radiologist (who was famous all over India) told me..”Im not very happy about the baby. Fluid has been accumulated, kidneys are dilated, the head seems larger.. Our hopes were shattered..when a friend of ours made me talk to a famous Doc who practises in Kerala. I should thank him for the kind of reassurance he gave me. Everything was curable and there was nothing major or critical to worry about ma baby he told after cross checking with the x-ray reports and talking to the radiologist. (over the phone)

I consulted a second doc in the same medical college hospital, who aftr seing the reports for a 80-20 chance for the kid..wherein the former meant positive and the latter negative. However Oct 28th Morning she came and told the chances are now 50-50 and the kid needs to be taken out immediately.  On October 30th morning 8.55 am I delivered this complicated baby boy!  I did not see him tillNovember 2nd!  He was immediately taken to the Neo-Natal ICU.

First the lungs of a premature baby needed to be developed for which he took almost a week. Then there was a scanning to be done at the Bangalore institute of oncology to know the disposition of his kidneys and then there was a small bock to be removed which had caused the entire problem of urine accumulation, which inturn had caused the fluid filling.

From October 30th till December 3rd..he was there in the Intensive Care Unit of Bangalore Medical College Hospital. With me begging for his life and well being..every single minute!

And as we have named him  – Hrehaan..he certainly is “God’s chosen’ alm for me.

Today as a miracle..or as if God chose to give me my alms..hes fine..he overcame his lung immaturity after weeks in ventilator..his kidney dilation turned out to have become fine in the last scan done. His block in ureterus valve has been removed in a minor surgery and hes urinating just fine..His bladder seems weak but they have given medicines to improve..

Edited after vimmuuus suggestion – There is a reason I put this up..

2 senior gynaecs..out of which one is famous throughout Bangalore. 1 radiologist who is well known and trusted by docs..had washed their hands off! What if I had sat and just cried?! The problem had started in 5th month and I was going around clueless regardless of my timely visits to the Doc..No symptoms…on uneasiness! I want mother-to-be s who read this and your friends who are pregnant to be the end of is in your hand.. U make sure that your gynaec.sends you for scanning, checks your weight and BP..every single month..

th fifth month scaning showed the weight of the baby 290gms and the radiologist and gynaec dint even bother about it.(neither was I then aware that it was not normal!).and when my 7th month started I had asked as to whether I should get a scanning done to which the Docs answer was NO! Tomorrow if Hrehaan reads ths ..he ought to be proud! That he was mighty fighter overcame so early…

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