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An anniversary, without flowers, cards or gifts!

It is our 3rd anniversary an we are now 3!..No for the attention of the policy makers I dont intend to write in these lines..every anniversary! I gotta find something special and this was it. The transition is just great…Some kind of romance is brought back i should say. I believe most of the charm of the romancing days is coz you are DOING stuffs you are not ALLOWED to, hiding from those who dont allow you to.  Sitting behind him in his bike was one of the greatest whims coz it was a taboo considering the “gossips” such an act is expected to gather. So as a rain in the desert I still cherish A LOT, the 2 long drives we had. One an early morning ride from Coimbatore to Poondy and another from Ekm to Trissur!!! If hideous love is still in fashion I suggest the former to upcoming lovers 😀 it is just awesome!

Something as simple as ‘talking’ was monitored and “talked about” in college. Since we both did not want special programs about us telecast-ed via any channels back at home, we started writing!!! Again a gr8 booster for romance much advised to the younger generation. I knw I knw, messages and chattng is always there, but then unfolding a paper and seing th tear/blood marks (and analysing with a thousand microscopes if its for real or just a mosquito’s contribution is a different fun altogether. 🙂

First 2 years, were certainly enjoyable, not without the complaining, pointing ats and braggings..But the third year with a third person, surely kicks the fun back :P! We are on our toes again, fearing not parents nor home but a 3 month old fella. 2-wheeler seems to be a distant dream..atleast for a lot more months. Talk has to be in whispers lest he wakes up! So its kind of switched back to mobile talks and smses.. Eating out again will have to wait, eating at home itself  has to be in shifts!!, as one can look after whilst th other dines. Partying crazy has become sort of a taboo again. Only now.. you can do you cant! and yeah u guessed it right

Theres pretty much a 3 month old can do.  I thought of shopping for Eby, but im not supposed to visit shops with the lill one. I thought of cooking kheer, thanx to my lill one, I couldnt cook the normal dinner!!. I thought of ordering a cake, but tht would be like i gift what i like not what he likes..kind of stuff..

So sit here with a toddler in my hand and without ny means to celebrate or gift Eby. I sit here thinking in vain, of some symbolic ways (coz direct words always make me look a fool, leave alone in love, romance et all.) to tell him I intend to celebrate this day… in the memory of a gift of a new life that was bestowed n me with a ring.  To tell him, despite the cribbings, the fights and my failings, I cherish this journey together . To tell him, of all things in the world, my first prayer would still remain the same as it was years before of an eternity of togetherness..

And believe it or not, as i type this in one hand, H sleeping in the other, he smiles as if to mock the stupidity of all…Get back to the changing of nappies..he orders!!! So here I go.

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