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My Jester made me Cry

((((An old poem from the shelf….))))

I should’nt have laughed….if only I knew

You would one day make me rue

For a mind conjures a memory foregone

More severe when.. from someone it owned

Passion is wherein you sacrifice

Romance they say – you fantasize

For that which is one of its own kind

Names.. you can  never find

It’s birth I couldnt foresee

From ways wherein you made me glee

And now as I set you free

‘Gone too soon’ I cry and plea

Tears perhaps hath no place

There in our funniest maze

To me – the memory of those days

Brings pain in all possible ways

Life perhaps would bring me more

Love, passion and feelings to soar

But u set a pyre as you planned to fly

You burnt my giggles and left me to cry!!

March 1, 2010 Posted by | Uncategorized | 13 Comments