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Temple..Church and Mosque

This trip to Kerala had a lot of importance. It was almost one year since I visited my hometown..It was H-boys first trip to his native place. Needless to say a handful of relatives were seeing him for the first time. Me and Eby coming from 2 different religions..had a pilgrimage in plan..for all the panicking moments during his birth.

Im not against any religion. Nor do I claim that Im devoid of small blind faiths that come as part of a follower..But it beats me when religion gets the better of mankind..This makes me wonder the origin of religions. Most of the religions..say – there was chaos, indiscipline..hatred and so this was so and bring “love and unity” to the mankind..

I wished H-boy would be greeted with “heyyy uve stated smiling soo soon”…”uve started turning over”..rather than..heyy u’re gonna become a Christian!!!

Half my family doesn’t keep any contacts with me coz officially im not a “Hindu” anymore!!! Blood relations that till then sweared I was their eyeball..flooded off the minute I declared im gonna marry a xtian. Wonder if they’ve turned blind without me..or if that’s what you call blindness!

Here all these come from Well-educated..well-settled..sensible people. What happens and where floats the so called love and unity for which religion was made when you hear that a relative goes “astray” to another stream of thoughts? Who exactly do people love here?

Their respective god? Who unanimously voted for love? Then why do they disrespect this teaching and hate someone for the sheer fact that they do not call out the same name?

The respective people? Who has done nothing but happened to call the same universal power by a different name? Then why banish them for no fault of theirs?

The respective religion??  Which is nothing but teachings of the great persona in each faith? Then why all this hatred and indiscipline in this name.

Someone is too glad that H-boy belongs to their religion..what if he grows up to hate them? Will he being of their religion solve the issues between them? Will he love them more for the mere fact that they belong to the same faith? Will he grow up healthier..smarter..or braver just because he belongs to their religion?

Someone is sad that he doesn’t belong to their religion. Will they start hating him? What if he grows up to charm them? Will they stop smiling at his childish pranks al because he belongs to another set of faith? Will he be spoilt just because he doesn’t call God by the name they call?! Acceptance is forgotten, brotherhood is forgotten, patience is forgotten, love is forgotten..all that remains is the section people are divided with knives! Hindu Xtian and Islam!

I thought when you are in are possessive. You wouldn’t want to share. But here is the newfound emotion of sharing your God! Love god..share your god..and if someone doesn’t share..hate him! There goes futile..the very purpose of religion!

Where is this world going to? What are we fighting for?! Tomorrow if H-boy fancies Budhism and says “amma im gonna follow Budhism”! Am is supposed to sit and cry? Am I supposed to hate my dearmost for a gentle whisper of faith deep down his heart..just because that whisper does not rhyme mine?

My best friend whom I love more than my own siblings calls “Allah” ..My husband without whom my life is incomplete believes in Christ and I worship Krishna. Love is what is enshrined here between us. Knowing God is important but God wants you to know and accept the people you love and live with!

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