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Have donned the role of a single mom for a while, whilst eby is away taking care of his career.┬áThe first complaint I had against the city when commpared to Mumbai is that Bangalore is slow! I still do not know how and when I got the idea ­čśŤ but that was what I had cribbed 2 years ago. Now the list of jobs is endless, each of them ‘choice-less’┬ámaking me breathless!

To make things “better” I had decided that the only way to get adjusted to the ‘crowded’ loneliness is to dump myself into a list of priorities so that I end up too busy in doing things which will avoid me sitting and thinking and eventually cribbing. As a result, all those shopping, important documents procuring, kids treatment/medicine, course project, name it i had procrastinated! Now they pile up and smile at me┬áas I wonder how I’m going to run around alone to do all this!!!

I got busy during the weekend with my cousin. Was thrilled to find that she’s never heard of McD and doesnt have a clue about DBC. Saturday roamed with her the entire length and breadth of the city, Trying DBC, chocolava, McD, panipuri, popcorn (cinema special) punjabi kulcha, parantha &┬álassi..hmmm i lost track of what more..oh ya..drinks @ kiwi@kiss( bangalorean friends please dont waste your money there!) and yeah biryani & bajji for dinner! Sunday she started the day in the loo. It was a loop of vomitting and dysentry. It was not before 11am, that I got a glimpse of her┬á and then, I got busy in medicine for the stuff!

┬áMonday got busy┬ábuying things for the kitchen and cleaning up and getting things in order in the kitchen rack when my maid servant went out like a storm! i had no clue what it was all about and when asked I was reprimanded for not buying her milk for the last couple of days, (which actually I had bought but got spoilt as I forgot to boil!) No wonder my cousin calls her my ‘paid mother-in-law’!

Tuesday┬ágot busy with the hospital amd medicine. Went there, waited a long time only to be told the doctor is too busy with another patient! In short the pile had not come one step down. Infact it has piled up all the more. The only way was sorting it down. An old friend called for a coffee. i dont know if i sounded rude but I told in the most pleasing tone, that Im just not “mentally prepared” for coffee…i have a world swirling round me..Kindly excuse! I got back to the list and… thought the only way was to jot them down in a paper and do it one step at a time…when i got a call from someone very close!

“ feeling very low”. I knew I had to empathize..sympathize..whatever. but my mind was in a roll. I waited to take a breath and asked. “why what happened”?!”┬á I was already ready with phrases like “dont worry” “Its ok” “things will take its time, but eventually settle down” etc etc. Not that I was in a really empathetical mood, but I know it was expected of me and i was prepared…till I heard the answer…

Guess what??? “I have got 3 new pimples in my face”!!!!

I seriously did not want to bash men here…but for┬áthe knowledge of those whos gonna come and comment that such is the nature of women ­čśŤ ­čśŤ this conversation happened with a “GUY” not a girl! ­čśŤ ­čśŤ :D! and it wasnt a joke either! ­čśŤ

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Acharya Devo Bhava

Since Sept 5 was a Sunday. Some schools here celebrated it n Monday. So yesterday when I went home, I caught hold of my neighbors kid and asked him what he had given his teacher for ‘this special’ day. He obviously (in 1st std) had no clue about the day, but had very obediently given off the boquet his mother had bought for his teacher. I just sat and reminisced the ways we used to celebrate teachers day back in school. We would declare it as a ‘rest day’ for teachers. All of us gifted our “talents” to our teachers. Those who drew well, drew pictures and cards, those who wrote poetry, scribbled a few lines for them. Those who were good in ‘speech’ would volunteer to take class. those who were good in singing sang, group dance by the dance┬áenthusiasts! In the end of it, we knew what teachers day was! We knew it was a day wherein we gave a piece of what they had inculcated in us.

Probably, it is because teachers then, had a major role to play in our life. It is somewhere in school that i got the thought that teachers are second mothers as we tend to spend a major chunk of our life with them, and they play a major role in molding us. I still remember that, I got the confidence to write things on my own from my 3rd standard class teacher, Ms FitzGerald who said I can write and enrolled me for a storywriting competition. I had run to her with so much pride when I got the 1st price! I would not have developed the least interest, even if i developed interest I would not have had the confidence. But the smallest gesture did boost the lill me a lot! I dont know why but ever since, it was my english teachers who had influenced me a lot. Perhaps, it was my interest towards the subject or perhaps it was due to the loads of stories and poems and the way they explained those. But i had the longest rapport with my English teachers.

5,6,7 – My english and special english teachers (Ms Suma and Ms Elizabeth) encouraged my reading habits so much so that they would select books from the library for me. I even got enrolled in the ┬álibrary next to my house in 5th, not without the encouragement and support from Dad. I left the school after 7th, but I used to get letters from Ms. Suma even when i was in 10th!

9,10 – There was a ms.Leelamma – who kind of flattered me beyond words! We had a term test paper and there was a question wherein you need to write in your own words about ‘the person who influenced your life the most’! ┬áShe circulated my answer paper to the entire class for them to read!!! I did not know if I should jump with joy or feel embarassed, Coz my handwriting especially in exam papers were ‘pathetic’. So much so that some left in halfway and asked me to read it out for them!

Pre-degree, as the age would hint had the biggest impact. I was sooo much into English teachers – Ms Sarojakumari , nd Ms Florence that I hardly paid attention to the rest of my subjects. Ms Sarojakumari did respond to my letters, even after I left college for higher studies. She would make me and my friend sit and read the poems submitted by senior college students and evaluate them. The words used, the idea behind, the emotions within. Ms Florence infact had suggested me to join literature, which I ignored..and regret till date.

Degree we had English only for 2 terms and within that brief span I managed to get influenced by our English sir, Mr Murali, with whom am in touch till date. He was a healthy critic rather a booster, and helped in checking me from flying overboard with my language dreams in a ‘professional college’.

MIB – had no english subject, but I managed to get hold of the most ‘brainy’ teacher – Ms Mercy and tag around her all the time! ┬áSeniors used to joke that you can see Mercy mam reading the newspaper even when she was in the backseat of a bike, then they started that, she’l have newspaper in her hands and me in the tip of her saree!

Ofcourse other teachers did loads to smoothen my way. Teachers then, were certainly different..if not at least the teacher-student rapport and the role of a teacher in a students life was different. I can vouch for this, coz I tried my hand @ teaching for ┬ámonths. I have definitely done nothing to remain in the hearts of my students, nor anything that would remind them of me in their future lives. Probably by post graduation you are too grown up to get influnced or probably I just lacked the sincerity and efficiency that my teachers had. I quit the job with a firm understanding that it is not my cup of tea…not because I couldnt teach, but rather bcoz I lacked the maturity to etch myself a respectable place in the hearts of my students..the way my teachers were in mine!

This teachers day..let me thank all of them with the whole of my heart. Whether they knew it or not they had been my second parents and it is to them too that I owe, if i have gathered anything good worth talking about in this journey of life.

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