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One of the first few bloggers I interacted with, I made sure I read almost evrything ‘Nautankey‘ had ever written. Call it heights of joblessness “then”, call it my love for good sense of humour…or if you really want to, …call it his talent in scribbling down smiles! Once I was done with all of his writings online, I mailed him for any of his scripts and sat and read those too. So you can imagine my reaction when I got a mail from him informing that his play is there in Bangalore.

I decided the very minute he told me that i have to attend this. I quickly pinged my equally enthusiastic(in theatre plays) friend. She said yes, but after checking with her family she reluctantly cancelled the plan as they had to celebrate Karthika that day.
I went and asked another colleague! She was excited about the plan, but then messaged me a day before that she cannot make it as her friends had come over to her place and she had to attend to them. I asked my cousin, she too badly wanted to, but then her hubby fell ill. I racked my mind, I did dig out another pals name and thought of asking her, but it just skipped my mind. Saturday night Eby asked me, are you going for the play? I said “ofcourse yes” I have been bugging the guy for a long time now and now when they are here, how can i possibly not go?! (ppssst he dint host the show in Blore for me :P, still wats the harm in assuming so? 😉 )

So Sunday dawned pretty late as opposed to the relatively early rising routine. It was SUNDAY, i just felt i can stay the whole day in bed! But for my maid it was SUNDAY! I get up early every single day and Im still sleeping on a SUNDAY, when she wanted to go to the church!I could see her face swell, and I dragged myself out of the cozy blanket on a cloudy morning only to realize it was already 10:30!. We’ll go right now, I tried to console her in vain. Apparently churches start their sermons by 9am the latest!?! on a Sunday? I stood there staring at my maid, and I witnessed a change almost as quick as a chameleon changes its color. My maid’s went from dark, to dark red WITH a swelling and ‘killer silence’ effect.

I called up friends, regular church goers and enquired. Apparently there was a church a little far from my place which has masses at 12 in the noon. Now thats what you call ‘sensible’. Only thing, the travel till there to attend a regular church mass was not sensible from our part! After church, I reached home around 2 :15. I thought I had loads of time left before 4pm for my shopping to be done. I still dont know from where i initially got that notion, I stepped out, went halfway and then realised that I dont even know the way and it was almost 2:30 already and I changed plans and walked back home.

Time, mode of transportation, route all were the hassles i needed to tackle before I reach the place. I called up an ex-colleague as I knew he was working in Vasanth nagar and hed be familiar with the route.When i called he was just back from the hospital! The doctor had advised physiotherapy and care for his backpain! I sympathised, empathised and quickly started asking the route! I decided taking my two-wheeler would be the fastest mode as changing buses and fighting with auto walas would take even more time. Set out alone for the play when I reached midway and realised no matter what! Im not going to understand the way. I called up the poor fellow 10 times and HOOTED that Id be late for the play , when he assured me that I wouldnt even be able to make it the stuff. Apparently he knew the route and traffic more than me! He advised me to turn around and head for home. I fought with him and made him join right then.

He had no clue about plays, had no intentions of attending one and was in no good condition for that ride. He had no choice coz i was howling and on the verge of tears that i might get late! He took his bike and guided me, whilst I followed in my dio! Worst combo I tell ye! He quite seriously advised me that You shouldnt fit an accelerator to a cycle and call it a 2-wheeler! We reached halfway when I realised that there were “tickets” to be taken for the show! I had 20rs in my purse! I asked him, who had no plans of going anywhere and just walked out of his house to be pulled into this plight and he had carried 70rs! I screamed at him again asking how can guys roam around with such little cash! and decided that Ill go to the theatre and check if they swiped cards :P!  Rush, hop, jump and blop as I fell to the counter for tickets, 2 persons smiled and said the show is almost over! I was like its ok, my friend is acting in it and I just wanna attend. I asked them if they take cards? and they said No and advised I attend the 7pm show which would be a tad late for me to reach back home.

THANK GOD, I dint have money, THANK GOD they did not accept cards. THANK GOD there was another show at 7pm! Or i would have truly missed the show. It was a real nice experience and the play was definitely entertaining as opposed to the kind of ‘drama’ i expected.  The actors were so natural and perfect. The script had no repetitions or span of boring session inbetween. It was a smooth flow and the actors did true justice to the characters. The father and the pharma fellow!! haha and even Nautankey was at his best! Hats off! Waiting for your next appearance in Bangalore.

And hey i need to mention this. Nautankey is a nautankey only in his writings and his onstage performance. Once I called him to say a hi before i step out, there was such a shy person unveiled behind that mask of mischief!!!

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