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The Garden!

Sitting wide awake at 1am..on a weekday..that too an exhaustive one..I wish I had the talent to paint a picture to ease myself. Talents – thats what they do I guess..Express – to put down the pain of the talented in such a way – as to bring out the awe from the admirer. If I attempt to do any such thing – Im sure the pain and awe will be there – for various reasons tho ๐Ÿ˜›

Im caught in the middle of a storm and Im trying NOT to touch the ‘touch-me-nots’ – thats pretty much what prompts me to yabber away like this in this wee hour. A storm of tumbling blocks. There is nothing I can do about it – nor am I gonna get hurt – but doesnt such a view trouble the hardest heart…If thats the storm and i helplessly sit and gaze there are these little touch me nots glaring at me – Its hilarious now – when I think of it – but at times it can also be quite unnerving.

If im to categorize people into flowers. ..

Some are like Roses – its so damn nice until you try plucking ๐Ÿ˜› (quite heard of category), Some are like morning glories – Oh the initial rapport and ooof the later wrath :P. Some others like sunflowers – blooming where the sun shines…Oh yea – there are orchids – existing only where they are affordable.:P ๐Ÿ˜› and i really dnt wanna go as much as carnivorous flowers.. gobbling its prey.

There are jasmines – bounding us in fragrance and beauty alike! Oh yea the ‘humble hibiscus’ – a resourceful bunch and not to forget the common – i am but nothing – dandelions. There are a few ‘lotuses’ symbolizing divinity and spreading across. Forget-me-nots – acquaintances that linger behind much longer than they have left us…Happy daisies-spreading smiles.

Of all things heard and seen – there is this pic that lures me. There are a couple of people who bring it back to my mind..there is this little inner yearning for it – The snowdrop. Subtle, silent and undisturbed.ย  There is nothing but the purity of its whiteness… A subdued innocent beauty!

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