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Adieu My Friend…

5 ayurvedic spas(none of which Ive visited); 2 Malls (where I seldom go); 4 pubs (Ive just gone once in one of them!); 4 Major ice-cream outlets (Again perhaps wouldve visited once) Coffee day, Cuppa, Coffee n U, Bocca Grande, Kaapi Kadai (these for a change Ive visited – again – just visited once perhaps each of them! ; Kobe, sweet chariot, nilgiris, mom & me, fab india, talk about any famous names in Bangalore- its within 2 km radius -from this house! This new terrace Bistro…The elephant rogue is just behind our building! (Ive never stepped inside :D) Coming to parks – again there are atleast 5 of them in and around. Famous temples – 2!!!And….OOOOOOOhhhhhh a LOVELY crosswords, Just Books, and yea Landmark! Hospitals, school, police station, post office?! OMG the list is endless.

I might sound like Im bitten by the shopaholic bug,..but no –  i did point out that despite being thrilled about all those names, Ive hardly been there. The point is – In one year I was too busy to go anywhere, yet I was OVERJOYED with the fact that they are all near. Perhaps my mind wouldve thought, Id find time, once Im done with my chores. I end up spending almost 70% of my non-office hours in this stupidly shaped building called our home – in the most stupidly designed room called kitchen. But I remember falling in LOVE with this place the minute we came to see the house!

The ride was from this new found, custom-made for bachelors..dumb house – towards my then small office. Neither was I thrilled about my office which was more or less in the basement! Nor was I excited about the house. BUT…I was overwhelmed with the road you call 80ft road koramangala! Shady trees, temple AND famous joints and shops! It was a smooth blend of all. With music on, those were the best days of ‘walking to office’. I did thoroughly enjoy them!

Then, when I was left with my Dio – again I did explore and enjoy this place. That was just for a span of a few months but. With cab systems, pick ups and drops, I hardly saw the daylight except for the veggie shopping (again which was  just a hop away). Still, Im scared, tomorrow – I might miss this place like hell!

Everwhere – people talk about how cozy, comfortable and beautiful a home should be. For once reaching here – I was ready to compromise on anything just to hang on to this place. Some talk about the kind of community you live in..I have hardly made friends here -Ive become invisible even to my next door neighbor! Some say you stay in ANY place for smetime, youll get addicted to it. It only took a single ride for me to fall in place

Its just these roads, they pull me back! I was forcing my heart NOT to believe we are moving, even when we gotto know abt houses available tad further from here, I thought, Ill find here!..even when we talked abt it at home, my mind developed ideas of finding a house within this locality. To be frank even after giving the token money and pushing the owner to do the basic cleaning and repairing before we step in, NOW i have after thoughts to infact to be ready to waste the token money and grab a house if i get it here!

But again! Now the ball is in some other court. There is hardly anything that i can think of, except that – atleast that house is not built as dumb as this. While we were here – we deliberately kind of avoided friends barging in lest they run away seing the state of the house. There atleast theres some difference to it!

ohhh but i do feel like a lass who has to bid bye to her beau. Im sure this would haunt me even in my dreams…but I have no choice but to say bye…Adieu my friend, though my heart breaks to leave you, Im sure youll keep pulling me back…..

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