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Zareee Zarree Mein Usi Ka Noor Hai


Dont ask me the connection – btwn the title and the blog! I see none worth mentioning. Let me know if you did though! Noor was in town and we were all over the city and we were in a delirious state!!!!! Little would I have thought back then, when were in college  – that i would be taking her around Bangalore in my Dio!!!.

10 years. 10 years had lapsed since we could hang out like this. Its not that we haven’t met in these 10 years, but then-priorities were different, situations were different. After college, we probably met, first with our husbands, then with our kids – dnt worry im not taking it to the next level of grandchildren yet. SO this was just OUR day. Noor, me,my DIO and 30-40 odd kms! Bengaluru just rocked. We had our old ambiance in place. The books, the subjects, the discussions, the professors and just the two of us zooming back to college days. Just that the drooling changed to memories of drooling – The discussion with professors became  more objective/result oriented, the coffee had a brand attached – but our hands clasped on to each other the same way it did some 10 years back.

Ohh I should mention the sumptuous meal we had at Udupi Krishna hotel Banaswadi – They started with a saada vada, then dahi vada, then came mago ras, puran poli, ven pongal, poori, kheer, sambar rice, curd rice and rasam rice (which we had to opt out due to lack of space) and banana and paan!!! More than me – guess for Noor who wasnt used to the karnataka style – this was a indeed a surprise menu – for a normal meal! My monthly quota of coffee shop visits were exhausted in a single day – coz that i believe is one good blessing of Bengaluru coz you had atleast one around every corner with plush seating and cool ambiance to spend your aftrnoons/evenings whatever.

I wasnt yet over with my Mumbai nostalgia. Its been years now and I probably am settling down in this city. Not that the roads especially in my area helped me in any which ways come over the feeling of repulsion either. But with her “awe”ing and “wow”ing at almost anything around the city, guess I have to come to accept that it is indeed a good place. Seeing the city through her eyes somehow lent beauty to the view.

Years, life and family – probably would take its toll on any friendship. The reason I covet this one bond is that – these factors somehow dint seem to factor in here. We for years have passed by without getting the time for a single call, and for days have ended up talking for hours every single day. I know and Im not shy to let her know that Im here no matter what and she knows and shes not hesitant to let me know the same. I believe there is no one else who could be confident to tell me – “you should make your own life and your immediate surroundings the first priority and not me”.

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