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Do what you can..while you can!

Why is it that some ideas or behaviors or products start epidemics and others don’t? And what can we do to deliberately start and control positive epidemics of our own? – Malcom Gladwell.

I’m just confused. I have no idea, no sense and probably no maturity to understand what is happening. I just read and hear and see people packing from my place…leaving behind their jobs, probably with kids like mine..probably to what they call home..probably to poverty or joblessness. There may be macro views about it that I cannot comprehend or have the maturity to fathom! Pardon my ignorance, I am but just another wife…happy that my husband is working to support me and I am but just another Mom toggling between my job and home looking forward to “settle” in this place!!!

So – somewhere someone did something and my fellow folks are “threatened” to leave this place where probably they too were busy as much as me trying to “settle down”. I’m appalled at the ability of people to come together and fiercely fight “AGAINST” ANYTHING. Theres immense power – there’s this impossible “possibility” of ‘destroying’ just about anything, any system. Who would ever believe that one fine morning you can pack away an entire crowd like that? Phew! that was easy! So were there many easier things ‘achieved’ (ironically termed so) in the past!

What beats me hollow is the ‘cosmic truth’ that the frenzy and fervor is seen – if you observe- so easily and readily-ONLY for destroying a system, disrupting harmony or killing people. Such fire never was there for an uprise..for helping the needy – if it was there – it either died too soon or it never got the needed attention to spread through.

I friends who read this are as equally helpless or clueless as to what to do. But where we fail is in our being the medium for the negativity than positive strength. A north east friend of mine was called by his HR to “HELP” “ADVISING” him to pack his bags and be ready incase of an exigency.

What religion or what spirit or what loyalty is leading to the chaos I dont understand – when each religious book..each one of them is a literary gem of how humanity can “COEXIST” .

Probably I dont understand things going on – coz I dont have a MACRO view. But for those who do not give the strength and support to my fellow folks…Those who do not spare a minute to wonder of the trouble and trauma they are going through for some fad or fanatism..the education of many..the jobs, the financial security, the fear, the death – I wonder IF they could picture themselves in these peoples shoes..somewhere down the lane of life..wouldnt that be considered the lack of having the “MACRO” view as well?

It is NOT us – educated, people who are doing all this. But it lies in us – educated people to educate, create and control a POSITIVE EPIDEMIC. Today if we let this..Tomorrow is not far…and today if we cant control law being taken into the hands of whomever – however true they are to their cause..we are just paving way to a fearful tomorrow for ourselves and our kids.

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The music next door…

I have been blessed with creative people all around…Eby being a sound engineer with a filmi back ground – the “jazz” is always there…theres our friend whos a music director, friends who are exceptional singers, friends who work for resul pookutti and what not!!!

But theres this small window in my room..often you tend to – often in apartments like mine. Close knit..walls around, windows opening to another’s privacy.. So it’s always closed – that window of mine! Except for the sunday dusting routines maybe. One such dusting day, probably I left it open…and what drifted in the next morning was least expected…

There was this ‘someone’ practicing guitar next to ma wee lill window and the music was agile enuf to seep through and bless my ears. When life is all cramped up and you unexpectedly wake up to this kinda ‘surprise, home made, music’ with  a cuppa – its a bliss unexplainable…

I wouldnt have switched on my laptop and listened to any of the new albums instead – those naive, not so perfect melodies were the ones i needed – to comfort myself that it is still beautiful and soothing for someone else – ‘your imperfection’

No – im not turning to keats and going on to tell you that theres some hot hunk in there making me smile to such tunes! Dont get me wrong 🙂 I swear I dint go in search for the person who produces the music – Guess the fun ends there! Coz now its not the musician but the music that’s doing the talking. We both are imperfect and incomplete in our own terms, we both have got an opening – a totally “unexpected” acquaintance.

I dont think or let me conveniently imagine that theres no one else but me who would care in this fast world, to stop with a cuppa to the first tunes of a guitar, get lost in dreams and draw smiles for those probably 5-10 minutes…Great music-thousand admirers -admitted, but lemme assume for these single stroke sounds…am the only one around. Likewise my nextdoor music there isnt any that I’ve got who would so smugly fit in those 10 minutes of my dawn to greet me with nothing but pleasantries. The rest of the day..Ive got a kiddo to cry for cars, hubby to crib for the cry, boss to bother about work and friends to blabber about the boss! But you’re the only one in this ‘fast life’ of mine whom i can completely call “music to my ears” 🙂

The minute my cup is empty I gotto rush for the days rigamarole, but those few minutes…I get with thee – my wee lill window music – is appreciated and treasured 🙂

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