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Reflections on Reality!


I work for an SAP related company. you know..we replace “legacy systems” with up-to-date SAP products to give you a “real-time” insight of the “pulse” of the market?

That pretty much sums up the world here. I seem to have been in a well elsewhere. When people here think the same of themselves. I differ. They have taught me a lot in this one year. What probably Infosys and IBM and the lovely creative agency in Mumbai dint. To each his own..probably each bit of our lifetime provides us invaluable lessons. A pinch of salt to the elixir of life…each one of them would have added.

Why do I then take this above all? I dont know! But I did learn quite a lot…in too brief a timespan. I was shaken from my wonderworld of words and wordsworth. It seemed like a clearing in the forest that I would have never noticed if I wasnt in this company…in “their company”.

Work had just been a pay cheque to meet some loans. To exist, to eat and then exercise to digest what I overate! Life was just smiling and breathing and probably crying for endless emotions. But then I was questioned ironically by the most gentle human beings you could ever imagine – on what good things awaited me. Before I could crib or cry that nothing did..before I could point fingers at anyone around me – I was pointed out quite harshly..again ironically by the most gentle souls on earth – that if i fell short..the fault was none but mine. If I woke up in the morning to train my brain for a train of thoughts that had nothing but bread, butter and bucks to pay off bills  in it – All I could wait for is nothing but – the same train.


I was pointed out that in the scheme of bigger things…I was to tie myself to bigger responsibilities – If i were to dream not just to breathe but to live life large, I ought to chart my plans and build the route – not just hop on to a wagon that came whistling my way.

That I was to believe and work to bring the belief to life. Here’s a toast to all those who feel they are in that wagon of mine. Where its wonderful to dream and have coffee and wish things would work out like how it did for Alice or Cindrella. “A kiss of reality is not as beautiful as you would have imagined – the passion might bruise you…but the sweetness would linger..only if you loved back”.

“Serendipity”  – had always loved the word before I knew its meaning….But i never knew my “good luck” that Id discover you in one of the lowest moments of my life.

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