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roosevelt-lake-bridge-small3It was just a game.. and I had to write a small poem with the word ‘Bridge’. When I was done I thought I can paste it here ;P

Bridge the distance of hatred with love
Bring to the patrons of war a dove
Bridge the crack of indifference with smiles
Smashing those rocks of selfish wiles
Bridge your way to the lesser blessed
They are but the Lord’s conscience tests

Bridge the void between heaven and earth
As you forgo your pleasures for others mirth

November 19, 2008 Posted by | Poetry | 26 Comments

For a Scorpion~

I thought I would move on

Coz siblings tend to be bygone

It was hard when I tried

To hide tears when I lied

But i realize I should move on

Coz by now it’s a case forlorn

Dear! I tried in vain to find

U in he or he in U and became blind

Each affection has a flavour

Mother or brother – nothings in my favour

I promise I shall move on

Time mends hearts that are torn..


This is a a tribute to my friend on his birthday..which was yesterday! It probably doesnt make sense to neone else! probably not even him. So just consider this as a loving gesture for a lost friend!

October 30, 2008 Posted by | Poetry | , , , , | 10 Comments