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Moving On

An attempt at a short story…!!!

moving on

Is it easy she asked…throwing it all away? Her gaze fixed on his face. What do u mean? I’m just moving on – was his reply. She skirted the issue within her mind. Was it that easy to buy, use and sell things sans any emotions attached? The memories of the trips together and the days he mustve spent wandering in that car! Those rooms and that space..Their time together…will it be the same anymore?

Was it as easy as a fairy tale to tell and vanish?  He dint want to “TALK” about it..waste time on trivia like these. She would do all the emotional war she could for anything and everything and he dint have time for that! He tilted his head ever so slightly to see if the girl opposite to his flat came to her mirror placed so conveniently near the window. She usually did around this time. OHH shit it’s time for those documentation work, that deal is to be sealed today, he had a thousand ‘to-be done’ things and rushed on his way..while she couldn’t get over the shock of how inanimate things remain..inanimate to guys….

Four years…had passed since they said goodbye to each other. She had moved on..She looked pretty with the her sleekness attempting a curve on being a new mom. A miniature form of herself her daughter was!…he thought. Was it easy? Moving on? He wanted to ask. But he knew it would but be taken as nothing but words with a sting as she always termed it. He wished he could teach her….guys probably threw “inanimate” stuffs when statistically it’s been proven that girls have thrown away much more “animated” men in their lives….

He smiled at her happiness the warmth with which she held her girl and the coziness with which she leaned on her husband’s shoulder. Suddenly he wasn’t in a hurry to make those papers and close those deals!

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Snow White & The Dwarfs

It’s probably in lower primary Ive read this story! Never touched the book again nor seen a movie on it! But somehow the story remains intact, its beauty uscathed. Whilst all the credits go to the author I would credit the beauty of the character! I still remember snow white’s mom sitting by the window sill and knitting while the needle pricks her and when she sees tha blood in her finger she wishes that her baby would be as white as the snow, her lips as red as this drop of blood and what not!

Perhaps Nikhat’s mother wished those too and which mothers dont! For her face reminded me of some fairy tale beauties when i first saw Nikhat at the reception of my office. And with dimples adorning both her cheeks! (dimples werent referred in fairy tales! its more of a modern concept of beauty i believe!) Meticulous nd systematic as she is it is hard to determine from her speedy deliverance of her duties that her one hand and one leg is slightly diabled~

Talk of her plans for marriage and there she goes! Stories of people who came and couldnt accept marrying a disabled! People who came, were ok with the “problem” if they were given a lakh rupees! The dwarfs! But apparently it was more than just 7 who belittled themselves asking money as a means to compensate for a difficulty their future spouse would be dealing her throughout her life!



I probably can understand if a person is not comfortable with her state, but it goes beyond comprehension the state of mind of a person who thinks a lakh rupees would help him forget the physical state of his spouse for a lifetime!

What is that emotion that he claims to hold for the one entering his life which blooms at the sight of few notes and fades at the lack of it! Will he kiss her less if the fortune she brought doesnt fit his desire? will he lean on her less should he fall ill?

What is the emotion that the parents claim to hold which seeks compensation for upbringing a boy at the time of his stepping into a wedlock! Will they feed him less if some prediction assured he wouldnt bring a wife with great fortune?

The heroism in the yesteryear fables that maks the man say – come with me and il take care of ye, seems to have been forgotten. Now I hear it as – Come with money and u take care of me!

I remember our wedding vows to be something like this..I,,

 take thee, to my wedded wife/husband,

to have and to hold from this day forward,

for better, for worse: for richer, for poorer;

in sickness and in health;

to love and to cherish,

till death us do part,

according to God’s holy law;

and thereto I give thee my troth.

 Think now these wedding vows need to be altered –


 ♥In health richness and prosperity I shall be with thee..

In sickness or poverty, be assured I shall flee!!♥

Like dew drops they filled her eyes, tears that .traumatize her for a lifetime, for a fault that isnt hers! She rattled friend from the fairy tales, of the guys who liked her face but spurned her physical state, who accepted her shortcomings but scorned her financial state! I feel they all are dwarfs, who have belittled themselves before my snowhite, but they will help her to learn the world & live her life till one day her real prince arrives!

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