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Demands – Wanna be alive!

Election campaigns do the round through the city. They call it as my privilege to vote. They term it’s my right. Every common man I meet, has only one question to ask. What is the point? Who will turn out to be different?

Every single day Bangalore newspapers are filled with murders, rapes, robbery and harassment. got me wrong if you imagined it is the old fashioned way – when there happens one murder somewhere and for a week you read about it as a TV serial. Now each day dawns with a fresh crime and by the next day this particular one is gone and forgotten. And murders are no longer out in the dark. Most are stabbed right in the middle of the road in daylight or in their own houses.

I might question the police here. I heard that there aren’t enough police force considering the population of the city, but I see them swarming in like bees when people with the tag VIP make the rounds. But before I put the blame on them there is this great law enforcement or do I term it loose law enforcement by our honorable President I want to talk about.

With crime rates soaring in the city, we now have to welcome a new law. Unless and until a person’s crime deserves 7 years of imprisonment as per law, he cannot be arrested. In short, a major holiday for all law enforcement forces out there has been granted. Let people steal, harass, rape or do whatever they want, till the imprisonment is for a term of 7 years.  Either ways our law was hilarious! as far as I could remember the misconduct of a drunken person in public deserves only “24 hours in prison and a fee of 10 rs!!”.  Thanks to the new law now crime would be a waltz for people out there. With all the murders waiting to be solved there was this blogger arrested for having created a community against a party who came to fame through their atrocities alone. So again freedom of press has become a crime more grave than stabbing. Oh I forget I guess we can zero it down as the importance is not anymore is who does all depends on ‘whom’ it is done to.

Will I be arrested if I very respectfully ask our dear President, what with this new law, how is she expecting the common middle class to survive? All I ask for is her to walk the roads of this city with us for one day and tell us how this new law would help anyone but criminals.

Mail forwards flood my inbox with the ‘crime history’ of almost all in the parliament. Not that I believed it then but with the entry of some who have traded the country’s emotion now standing for elections I guess I should start believing them.  (Why aren’t we demanding people with spotless records to serve us?)And considering this, I should not be alarmed that no one is bothered with the new law that might change the face of crime.

Happy women’s day to all you women outside this city. As for within this city, girls – be busy with pepper sprays, kick boxing and self defense techniques, there isn’t much time for you to celebrate womanhood and all. Be glad to be alive and to have been spared today and be aware tomorrow can be your turn.

It is my privilege, they say to go and vote for people who have criminal records to boast of, to help people get into crime.  Many of us would be familiar with the old movie concept of public demands of water, roads, facilities to those who stand for election. The endless bed of roses they promise. Recently in paper there was one board a girl was holding..just one question to those whom we painfully elect and allow to rule us – “Will I be ALIVE till the next election?”


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