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Ok, you’ve never read music reviews over here! I admit I’m not good at them. I love songs, whoever sings pretty decently, I make them sing, record it and listen to it from my mobile endlessly. But I always have felt I have no say in the matter coz my ‘sound engineer’ hubby and his friends always seem to be speaking French and Latin when it comes to songs. I wonder, do you have to know soo much to enjoy music? Frankly I know nothing, just the tune and often the lyrics transport me to another world – and I always enjoy the journey.

Songs like ‘kanakamunthiri’ and ‘oru chempaneer pooviruthu’ songs make me wonder! if I have fallen in love all over again? or I’m just in love with songs. No matter how fast the life gets those few minutes, I slow down.

Off late there hadn’t been much of mallu tunes which I could tell brought me the same feel. Tamil yes, kankal irandaal. Malayalam – i had to sit and choose! Or rather wait till someone pointed their fingers, but I don’t call that ‘falling in love’. The falling comes when you trip across something.

Kannolam (PLUS 2 movie) was one tune I tripped on off late. Now I meant to write this at least a month before, so the term off late is relative here. It was a tune that took me back to my teens – dreams, romance and smiles. Something I would love to play while I watch the first shower kiss the earth, while I stop for the first rose of spring…while I watch the dew drops of the dawn on my window pane and I think of writing…(errr ebys name!!!!. – see wat marriage does to u!)

For this melody, is just that – freshness, romance and a young tender heart. The tune doesn’t let you stand far and gaze, it just takes your heart on a swirl to those days, those moments you had held close.

This song made me decide..Im gonna review all the songs in this album (Plus 2) so here goes the rest!

Manjaadi & Vellaaram –   tunes to sway myself..shake a leg..enjoyy..but at the same time which carries throughout the soul of music that keralites keep close to their heart. It is probably one for the newbies to snap, tap and dance. It is perhaps with its rap mix something that connects the “yo” crowd of today, but the song doesn’t leave the simplicity loving kerala soul behind and move into a meaningless chaos that some modern music gets into.

Thaane male – is like a breeze that comforts a crying soul. Heard best when you feel the demonized realities chase you to darkness and you soo badly want to sleep in the laps of fairies who will carefully wake you to the saffron hues of a lovely morning – devoid of those tears. Sometimes that’s what you want songs to do! At least that’s what I desire.  When I feel the going gets tough, I wish to crawl in a corner with soft melodies as though I expect them to comfort me, to caress me and this one actually did that!

Thaamara kkaatte – is again a melody, the likes of 90’s which still stays beside you and pakalilla raavilla by jassie gift – gifts you what you expect from jassie! Tap, step and pep!

Loved the album as a whole. As I said, far from being a scholar…im not even a school kid in music. But then I love songs which appeal to me and these from Plus 2 movie certainly did!

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