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My weekend trip – A tryst with Nature


I got 2 days for my eyes to feast upon. Now, as I relish those lovely moments let me try to frame it with words..the images I captured with the eyes of my mind. Now before you read the whole things and judge me a ‘psycho’ let me tell you to consider it in a more ‘relative’ term ;P.  For someone who hardly stepped out of the “office – house” consistent & infinite sure is worth writing about.


Our start off on Friday evening was eventful. A whole lot of chaos of getting late & yet another creative brain claiming the conductor that we are reporters from Aaj tak & would like to cover his ‘fuming’ at us has to be termed as eventul!! J


Saturday dawned with a ‘mind bathe’ in the river sowparnika. The ripples of flowing water alongside the greenery was worth watching though a dip in it was not ‘thinkable’ as the nearby masonry was taking its toll on the river. From there we went to Mookambika Temple. This is one temple which I was told I wouldn’t be able to make it unless the deity wanted me to! So to sum it up I had been to “the place” where I “had wanted” to go all my life but thought it was “impossible to”. The very mention of the word ‘tour’ would make me spring with joy so imagine the effects of a much-awaited one.


The only consolation I have when the world around calls me dumb ;P is that ‘I was born on the day my people celebrate the day of this Goddess of Literature.(yeah I see to it that I declare it as and where possible & it is with great difficulty I fitted this sentence here..phewww..) So it goes without saying that each step of my way in her sanctum was with awe. I found myself writing on those stones her name so that she would bless my pen forever, watched the kids start their first step of their journey to knowledge. This was one of those places devoid of captions & catalysts to stir up our devotion. And since devotion was one of those things which worked best without catalyst I had a great time with my inner self & the supremacy.


After noon we had a ‘bumpy’ or any ‘appropriate superlative’ ride to the hills of kudajaadhiri. Superlative coz by the team we reached the top a couple of us were completely shaken. The photographers were at work and the elders were at an easeful pace. I couldn’t spare a moment of mine to either. The view in front of me was the elixir I could ever hope to see and the tranquility it brought with it diminished the chaos around into distant clutter.


The trek uphill was worth it, trust me – for every step we took. I fell in love instantly with lush green abyss in front of me so much so that eby was left behind ;P. The trip to murudeshwar was the next day. Was much more easy when compared to this and yeah with a lot of perks on your way with the landscapes and sea playing hide & seek as you travel. It was hard to keep your eyes open but the thought that a person like me cannot ‘afford’ to miss the smallest visual treat helped me stay awake.


If it was greenery in Kudajaathiri, it was cool blue that soothed my eyes in Murudeshwar. As far as eyes could reach it was blue. The horizon where sea & sky met was blue and up even the sky was blue. And to compliment that we had huge structures in ash & golden . Now here in Murudeshwar I dint feel anything close to folding my hands and bowing my head. You know it was meant to attract, and attracted I was. It wasn’t a place, which allowed you to go back & explore your inner self. It had eye-catchy structures and scenery and as all guys invariably put it, when it is there for us to see, might as well open our eyes wide and see; P.


After a small  break (though unforgettable as I had my first fall in the sea!!) in a beach nearby, we went to Udupi Krishna temple. I don’t think I can put it in words the emotions that this small silent temple evoked in me. The fact that the trip was almost over clubbed with the confusion whether we would actually have time for the darshan before boarding our bus let me down a bit. But finally when we actually could have the darshan, Krishna especially in his quiet humble abode, glowing with gold sure had the effect on me as he would ever have, if not more!


I sure should thank my cousins, esp the avid traveler (by now this has become his pseudonym in my friend circle) for gifting me moments that don’t wear off with time, and sights that just don’t fade off J. Infact I guess I should thank them more to have roped in eby into a travel spree which was almost impossible for me all these days ;P










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